All-Inclusive Smart City - Jamaica

Building a Smart City from the ground Up, One Community at a Time

  • Health and Wellness,
  • Light Industries,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Retail and Commercial,
  • Entertainment,
  • Sports,
  • Resorts,
  • Food Security,
  • Job Security
  • Community Ownership

Health and Wellness
Renewable Energy
Retail and Commercial

Redefine Your Lifestyle  “The All-Inclusive Smart City, Live Well, Work and Play"

An Exclusive, all-inclusive, development offering affordable and luxury housing - gated communities (Live Well), career jobs (Work), entertainment (Play), environment that boasts 24/7 security, healthcare, supported by renewable energy, commercial, financial, entertainment, and cultural districts, schools and university campus, transient accommodation, medical recovery, food security, light industries, and so much more.

Housing OfferingsHousing Offerings

Smart City Jamaica Ownership through Https://Community.SmartCityJa.Com

Smart City Community Ownership

Let us keep it simple.

Imagine you were given the opportunity 5, 10, or 20, years ago to invest in every building built in New Kingston, What would your income look like today from your share of housing sales, on-gong commercial rentals and leases in the city?

Our Community Ownership program at External link opens in new tab or windowHttps:// offers you that option now.

Our focus: Location. Lifestyle. Value.

  • Our Focus is adding needed hospital beds and healthcare capacity to the people of Jamaica, in a setting of affordability and high quality care and that allows for a true medical tourism destination.
  • Our Location provides a secure New Town and Medical City featuring gated communities, in addition to luxury ocean views and ocean front living.
  • Our Lifestyle - Redefine Your Lifestyle in a fresh concept that offers a Live Well, Work and Play environment.
  • Value - Live where your homes and businesses will rapidly grow and appreciate in value.
  • Food Security - A Smart City with its own Food Security and sustainable farming programs.
  • Energy Focus ensures that our massive renewable energy systems keep out city lit at all times, with energy to support light industries
  • Job Focus ensures growth, job creation, and job security, all in a secure environment with a family focus.
  • Community Ownership.

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We have a LIMITED number of Lots for Persons who want the freedom to build their own home in a special gated section of the Smart City.

After which, no more Lots will be sold, Houses Only!

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Note: This Site is Under Reconstruction so Keep Checking back for more Info. (December 2023)